Terms & Conditions

Use Your Own Fire Gear

You may choose to use your own firefighter turnout gear and we will gladly do that for you, your gear must be clean, we cannot clean your gear our cleaning process could damage your gear and we are not willing to take that chance. If you don’t have a complete set or enough gear to make the product that you want we will find a close match (as close as we can) to complete your project.  We will email you with any questions or concerns.

simply select (your own gear) from the color choice drop down

Ship your gear to us: Shore Fire Gear LLC, 16817 Staytonville Rd. Lincoln De. 19960

Store Policies

An order is considered placed once verified funds have cleared your bank and are deposited into our account which may take an additional three to five business days depending upon your payment method. Once the payment method has been approved and the funds have been “Authorized” your order is automatically marked as “Invoiced” and you will receive an automated e-mail from our shopping cart letting you know the change in status of your order.

Once your order is invoiced it will be placed into to the production que. Once in the production que, depending on order volume and type of orders received, it may be grouped with other like products in the cutting line. Grouping the same production allows us to provide overall higher speeds as we are able to cut the same piece for multiple jobs at one time increasing efficiency and productivity.

After cutting your item will be placed into the layout que where any special items will be tended to prior to stitching such as custom embroidery. Once at the stitching station, just like the cutting table, all like products will be stitched and produced to the final end product. As a result not necessarily will items be produced in the order in which they are received. Items are produced in the order which provides the best overall efficiency for our customers as a group. Upon completion your item will be inspected by a second party (someone who was not involved in the physical production of your item) and will be passed off to shipping. If you have ordered multiple items your item will remain in shipping until your order is ready to ship complete.

We take great pride in our quality craftsmanship and we do maintain a production and order policy that orders MAY take six to eight weeks from the date of Invoice for completion. Shipping is not calculated into our production period nor is funds clearance the six to eight week period is reserved for actual production.

If you order an in stock item with no special requirements it should ship within two business days after the order is received.


Return and Repair Policy

We can accept returned bags for a full refund if the bag is returned within 15 days after you receive the bag.

A bag can be exchanged for another product within 15 days after receiving the bag. If the new bag is less expensive than the original order, we will refund the difference. If the new bag is more expensive than the original order, we will send an invoice to your email. The new bag will be sent once the original bag has been returned to us. If a bag needs to be re-made, it may take up to 10 weeks depending on circumstances. If the new bag is more expensive, the invoice must be paid before the new order can ship. If the new order is less expensive we will refund you the difference when we ship the new bag to you.

If a bag is custom made, differing from what is offered on the website (has differing dimensions), all sales are final.

For returns and exchanges, please contact Kim @ 302-670-0024

If for any reason your bag needs repairs, you can send it back and we will fix it for you. We will cover the cost of shipping and repairs if its been within three months of purchase. After the first three months, you will be billed for the cost of the repair and shipping; (We do most repairs for free; but we cannot know until we receive the bag and assess the work to be done). Please include a note with a description of the repairs needed.

Ship returns to: Shore Fire Gear LLC, 16817 Staytonville Rd. Lincoln De. 19960


Contamination Risks

Due to the general nature of firefighting we do our best to ensure that all gear is properly cleaned, washed, and decontaminated prior to production. However by placing an order the buyer simply needs to understand that we cannot, nor do we, provide any type of claim or warranty that the fabrics and used gear, used gear meaning any equipment formerly used in the nature of fighting fires, used in our production process is 100% free of contaminants and possible exposure to contaminates that may be in the fabrics is at the risk of the buyer by electing to purchase a product made from used gear. If you are worried about the risk of a possible contaminate – do not order any of the used gear products. Buyer assumes all risks associated with the purchase of any product made from repurposed/recycled gear.